About Forbidden Place Records

We make cool shit that you and your friends want to buy.  The Artists…..


Tony J Willis.  His weird shit can be heard here.      https://tonyjwillis.bandcamp.com

Busted I.  Fine punk from the street to your ears.    https://www.reverbnation.com/bustedi7

Asteroid Anxiety.  Ambient soundscapes from other worlds.  https://asteroidanxiety.bandcamp.com

Thee Micro Mantis.  Experimental noise rockers.

Le Frois.  Take the brown acid.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSaF1PI3xVY

HCF.  Subliminal noise fetish.

The Slightest.  Shoegazing in the swamp.

Snuff Queen.  Heavy midwest acid rock.  https://youtu.be/tqeuXhL8gls

Sludge Burner. 

Ng Keindheit.  Teetering on the invisible edge.

Ming.  Arizona’s finest shock rocker in 3-D.  https://www.facebook.com/Electricadonisart

The Depression Business.  The air is being sucked out of the room, there is no exit…    https://soundcloud.com/thedepressionbusiness

Tongue Party.  Minneapolis noise assassins.  https://tongueparty.bandcamp.com/

Sex Funeral.  Free Jazz for an imprisoned world.  Courtesy of…   https://personalarchives.bandcamp.com/album/your-heaven-sucks

ARU.  Modern noise or modern dub?  Aliens are having sex with your mind.   https://arumusic.bandcamp.com/

BOAR.  Extreme noise and ambient deathrock are tearing at your ears. This is BOAR.  https://boarnoise.bandcamp.com/music

Wood  Chickens.  Midwest punks playing psychedelic psychobilly.  WTF?   https://woodchickens.bandcamp.com/

Woress.  Black metal blues.

George’s Bush.  Young punks destroying the heartland of America.

Sinking Suns.  The sound of your friends breaking all of your toys.   https://sinkingsuns.bandcamp.com/

Musician.  Nihilism personified in sonic form.

Kepones.  Midwestern hardcore.  Your high school is on fire.

Succuba.  The walls are melting, your brain is floating in a black sludgy vortex.

Nostromo.  Angular noise rockers.    https://5cmrecordings.bandcamp.com/

Nuclear Flesh.  A radiation leak at the power plant.  Everything is glowing green.  Current TJW project.

Yellow Color Tester.  Japan is burning down.  Destroy the sun.  Featuring Hide from Ultra Bide’.

Bob Bucko Jr.  Improvisational noise and free jazz vagabond BBJR.  https://personalarchives.bandcamp.com/

Venereal Crush.  The sound of insects wings when amplified.

Introsvet.  Under the gun and escaping the trap.  From Russia with love…





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