ARTEAGA “Vol. II Dios Sol”


Limited edition compact disc.


A major player in the current South American Stoner Rock movement, ARTEAGA combine stoner rock, noise, and space rock into one cohesive sound. A journey through the cosmic vortex of space. It’s 4:20 in a black hole and you are just in time. Burning your ears and eyes, ARTEAGA will blow up your brand new speakers without an apology. This version has different art and music from the digital release on the ARTEAGA bandcamp page. This album is limited to 100 copies and only available from Forbidden Place Records. For fans of Black Sabbath, Devil’s Witches, Fu Manchu, Monster Magnet, Snuff Queen, Magma, Elder. Get yours today or spend $$$ later. Essential.¬†¬†Shipping in the United States is calculated into the item price.¬†Please contact us for international shipping. Fees tend to be around $11-$20 depending on your country.

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