Devil’s Witches “Velvet Magic” Compact Disc


Limited Edition (300)  Compact Disc.


A trip through the past and a glimpse of the future. Forbidden Place Records is proud to announce the debut album “Velvet Magic” from Devil’s Witches! This release is shrouded in mystery. A full band or just one man? It’s difficult to say. One things for sure, This release is unlike any concept album you have heard before. Hard to describe and impossible to categorize, “Velvet Magic” is here. The underground album of the year. This release has different artwork than the Vinyl and Cassette versions. Limited edition of 300. Release date 06/01/2017.  Shipping in the United States is calculated into the item price. Please contact us for international shipping. Fees tend to be around $11-$20 depending on your country.





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