Compilation/sampler compact disc.


Forbidden Place Records is pleased to announce the first volume from the Escape to Weird Mountain compilation series.   Featuring 17 diabolical tracks from the likes of Thee Micro Mantis (CO),  Garbage Man (WI),  Tony J Willis (CO), HCF,  Introsvet (Russia),  Le Frois (MN),  Tongue Party (MN),  Chron (IA),  CRVX (IA),  Asteroid Anxiety (NZ),  Venereal Crush(IA),  Busted I(IA),  Bob Bucko aka (Bbjr) (IA), Twin Giant (AZ),  Snuff Queen (IA),  Goatroper (AZ),  and The Slightest (CO). Outer space, The Church of the Sub Genius, and hillbillies are just some of the concepts explored on this album. This release is limited to 150 copies.  6 panel pro printed digipaks.  Designed and compiled by TJW.  Available for a limited time.  Look for “Escape to Weird Mountain Volume 2” in 2017!  PPD

Track listing:

  1. Thee Micro Mantis- “Penetrator”
  2. Garbage Man -“HillBilly Kick Squad”
  3. Tony J. Willis- “Creatures Unseen”
  4. HCF- “In Zero Gravity”
  5. Introsvet-“Dronacharya”
  6. Le Frois-“Theme to an Imaginary Blade Runner”
  7. Tongue Party-“Spinners”
  8. Chron-“Faces”
  9. CRVX-“Nothing (I’ve Become)”
  10. Asteroid Anxiety-“Quaor III”
  11. Venereal Crush-“010516”
  12. Busted I-“Homesick”
  13. Bob Bucko Jr.-“Light Breaks, Light Bends”
  14. Twingiant-“Daisy Cutter”
  15. Snuff Queen-“Never Aim to Fail, Never Fail to Please”
  16. Goatroper-“Drink Your Rabbi”
  17. The Slightest-“The Birth of Death”




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