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GARBAGE MAN – “TOBACCO BONG RIPS” Limited Edition 7″ Record (Red and Blue splatter)


Product Description

Midwest noise rockers Garbage Man are out for blood with this blistering new release on Forbidden Place Records. 5 grinding tracks from these young freak rockers. Limited to 150 pieces of beautiful red and blue splatter vinyl. Original artwork by Nick Duuude Herman, with art direction TJW. Silkscreened by hand. Incredibly limited and only available from Forbidden Place Records AmRep ain’t got shit on these guys. For fans of Hammerhead, Cows, Guzzard, 90’s noise. Free shipping in the United States for all pre orders.


  1. Hillbilly Kick Squad
  2. Bad Trip
  3. Dinners
  4.  Engine
  5.  Sea Shanty For Planet Hopping

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