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Missiles of October- “Better Days” LP (Yellow Vinyl)


12″ Vinyl record LP  (Yellow vinyl)

Product Description

From Brussels, Belgium comes Missiles of October! Dirty punk noise from from the mysterious streets of old Europe.  Forbidden Place Records collaborated with some other fine labels to produce this glowing yellow beauty!  We have 28 copies available and they are going fast!  We are one of the few American distributors of this collectible record. This is a European import.  Limited to 300.  Ships March 15.  What are you waiting for?  Essential.

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  1. State of Crisis
  2. No Brain no Headache
  3. Satisfaction in Nothing
  4. Better Days
  5. Everyday
  6. Loser
  7. Chainsaw
  8. Problems
  9. Blah-Blah-Blah
  10. Two Feet in Sludge


(…) Missiles Of October offer up ten tracks of raw and dirty sounding punk, grunge, sludge, and noise rock. Overall, Better Days is a really solid album and is definitely worth checking out. Great stuff. Enjoy!

From the opening ominous bass notes of the album Better Days, Missiles of October set out their stall and demand that you lean in and engage. State of Crisis grows from that bass note to a rhythmic, driving punk song that demands that you bang your head as the Dead Kennedys style guitar riff hooks you in.
Hailing from Belgium, the Missiles of October have been touring aggressively across the continent and they’ve released a very strong album. No Brain No Headache channels Fugazi and Front 242 in the juxtaposition of choppy guitars leading into pogo inducing choruses. There is an angular approach to much of the bands output and it combines to produce a very unique and effective package of songs. The third song on the ten track album, Satisfaction in Nothing reminded me a little of the early Pixies whilst the sub-two minute Better Days is much more Black Flag with Rollins style vocals over a pulsating backing.
At the half-way point, we are treated to the seven-minute plus, sludge fest of Everyday. The song shows the bands songwriting chops and does not let up continuing to pound the bass and overlay chaotic guitar solos – Wow!
Loser takes us back up a notch with a Black Sabbath style riff, Rammstein style vocals and Missiles of October style delivery! Loved this song! The band visits a faster approach with another shorter song in Chainsaw that had me reaching for my early Metallica albums and then Problems rocks it up another notch. The penultimate track, Blah-blah-blah is a more, in your face, punk track reminiscent of west coat US bands like the Circle Jerks.
Last up is Two Feet in Sludge, almost four minutes of one of the most appropriately named songs of the year! As the band grinds away behind the raw throat vocals, the album comes to a very satisfying conclusion. Missiles of October are good, very good and are hitting their stride. Check out this super album here


If you’re unfamiliar with Missiles Of October, they’re a sludgy noise-punk band out of Brussels, Belgium. They’re second full length album Better Days dropped in October and it rages with heavy rhythm guitars, popping bass-lines, blood curdling vocals and off-kilter structures. The opening track “State of Crisis” immediately evokes fragments of Black Flag‘s Damaged era with the doomy sludginess of The Melvins. Similarly, the band delivers an attack of crunchy guitar chords, upbeat rawness and vocal rasp on “Better Days,” “Chainsaw” and “Problems.”
Missiles Of October also unleashes their knack for irregular guitar riffs, adding an element of experimentation to gritty and hard-hitting soundscape. The second track “No Brain No Headache” epitomizes such guitar riffs during the verses, but the same can be heard on “Satisfaction In Nothing” and “Blah-blah-blah.” Better Days is a fun album if you’re a fan of classic hardcore, stoner rock and sludge-metal.

Second album for Missiles of October, who continue with their combined sounds of punk, sludge and stoner rock to serve up a real noise fest with ten new songs making up to one whole titled ‘Better Days’. With the band comprising of members Bob Seytor, Lionel Beyet and Mathias Salas, this trio creates a mighty racket which first track, ‘State of Crisis’, immediately suggests with its pummeling sound of guitars and drums and rasping vocal. Following on, ‘No Brain No Headache’ is dense in sound to begin with, before kicking out, all limbs flailing, during its chorus (of sorts). However, where this song differs is in the vocals, giving the impression of wanting the song’s message to be heard due to far more clarity than what Missiles of October has perhaps dared to give before. The disillusionment with life continues during ‘Satisfaction In Nothing’ that once more contains more clarity in the vocal department, and not without a whiff of Fugazi about it as well. There’s no doubt that many truths regarding everyday mundanity is being communicated here, with song titles providing their own clues (‘Looser Man’, ‘Two Feet In Sludge’, ‘Better Days’, etc.), in addition to the battered and bruised rawness of the music as evidenced by tracks ‘Everyday’ and ‘Problems’. With a limited run of ‘Better Days’ to be issued early next year on yellow vinyl, Missiles of October’s second album can be purchased on all digital formats right now.






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