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STAHV -“S/T” Limited Edition Vinyl Record (Orange and White Swirl)


Product Description

Distant western themes and haunted guitars fade in and out of this spacial masterpiece. The universe is standing still while you are gently hurdled through interdimensional ghost towns that time forgot. STAHV was created by Ari Rosenschein and is his first release from Forbidden Place Records. Pressed on delicious orange and white swirl vinyl and available next summer. This is a pre-order item and ships when we receive the vinyl. Don’t miss out on this one! Postage paid in the U.S. on all pre orders. International orders please contact us for additional rates.


  1. Jardín Infinito
  2. The Test
  3. Djinn Rumi
  4. Forest Dweller
  5. Benevolus
  6. Preta Realm
  7. Grüver

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