"Tony J willis" Mystic Bum Dirty Wizard

Tony J Willis “Mystic Bum Dirty Wizard” 10″ Lathe Special Edition


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A new solo release from TJW that features 6 new tracks.  This edition was created for a special art show and is limited to 12 copies.  Hand printed, signed and numbered by TJW.  This mini album documents Tony’s new wave period as well as some melodic noise compositions.  Most of these recordings were done in a bedroom studio on out of date equipment.  This has helped to create an album with a special ambience that cannot be replicated in a studio. 2 sided. 6 tracks including Creatures Unseen, The Spellcaster, and Gary Numan.  Comes with a cdr version of the album including a secret song and signed poster.  Good luck getting your hands on this one!


Track listing:

1. Mystic Bum

2. Levitation

3. The Spell Caster

4. Dirty Wizard Pt. 1

5. Gary Numan

6. Creatures Unseen



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