Tony J. Willis “Mystic Bum Dirty Wizard” Compact Disc


Experimental music compact disc.


This compact disc version of “Mystic Bum Dirty Wizard” is limited to 50 copies. It documents Tony’s new wave period and also features some of his melodic noise compositions.  Most of these recordings were done in a bedroom studio on out of date equipment.  This has helped to create an album with a special ambiance that cannot be replicated in a studio. Synthesized noises weave in and out while the drums sound as if they were recorded in a dark cave. 7 tracks including Creatures Unseen, The Spellcaster, and Gary Numan.  This release contains a bonus track not found on the lathe cut version.

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Track listing:

1. Mystic Bum

2. Levitation

3. The Spell Caster

4. Dirty Wizard Pt. 1

5. Gary Numan

6. Creatures Unseen

7. Fading out



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