"Wall of Hair" 7" single

Tony J Willis “Wall of Hair” 7″ Single


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4 songs from this electronic-weirdo.  Recorded in a swamp on some haunted hand me down recording gear.  “Wall of Hair” gives a nod to the big hair styles from the late 80’s to the early 90’s.  More than a hair style, it’s a life style. Yelling “Fuck Yeah” in a high pitched voice, You couldn’t look you wouldn’t dare…Plus three tracks. Designed and printed by TJW. Limited to 22 copies. $13

Track listing:

Side A:Wall of Hair, The Secret

Side B:Under thee Electric Sea…, The Cubist


Check out Tony’s Bandcamp page.


“The Birth of Death”  Video created and directed by H.P. Lefrois.  Music by Tony J. Willis with assistance from H.P. Copyright 2016, Forbidden Place Records.

“Wall of Hair” Video created and directed by H.P. Lefrois.  Music by Tony J. Willis.  Copyright 2016, Forbidden Place Records.


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