Wood Chickens “Live” Compact Disc


Limited edition compact disc.  Wood Chickens “Live”

Product Description

Forbidden Place Records is proud to present Madison, Wisconsin’s very own Wood Chickens “Live”!  We are very excited for this incredible release!  This time we find the guys getting down to business in Muncie, Indiana live for Public Radio.  This is an action packed set and the band is tearing it up.  For fans of Surf Rock, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Man or Astroman?, Rockabilly.  Limited to 100 copies and available here and on their 2017  tour.  Catch one of their live shows this summer and watch for a limited edition poster as well.  This release comes packaged in a beautiful 6 panel digipak with art and on air jokes by Justin Johnson and the band.  Essential.

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